With over 20 years experience, we have a wide range of the jobs that we have done. Read some of the reviews below and see what our customers think.

Matt Ryan

Triple Gold Medal winning International 3Day Event Rider Matt Ryan chose Equifence for there new training facilities at Little Llandeilo Farm near Abergavenny (Mid Wales).

There are now over 20 turnout paddocks all used on daily basis requiring only a few hours maintenance once a year by Fence-line (all part of the service we offer)

Matt says of Equifence:

Now I’ve tried Equifence I would never consider using anything else. It’s safe, virtually maintenance free, looks good, and it’s economical too. At last someone has produced a better alternative to Post and Rail. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better permanent fencing on the market.

Contact Matt at www.mattryan.co.uk

Tony and Rebecca Symonds

Limcomb Farm

Tony and Rebecca Symonds have chosen Equifence for there turnout paddocks at Lincomb Farm, near Stourport in Worcestershire where they have a facility that offers Liveries, hire of X country courses, Arenas, Show jumps, Training Clinics etc.

Tony who spends his time designing and building Cross Country courses all over the world (including London 2012) is very happy that choosing Equifence is the right decision It’s safe, economcal and looks good too.

Contact Rebecca and Tony at www.crosscountrycourse.co.uk

William and Sally Schouten

We live in Bugle Gate Cottage in a lovely rural spot in north Worcestershire with a few acres of land on which we keep Sally’s horse and sometimes a few sheep.

Over the years we have always relied on Alastair Ulyet to provide fencing – from basic stock fencing to post-and-rail plus a variety of gates.

We keep going back to him because he always does a great job, is reliable, flexible and always gives good advice, on what is possible, what is not such a good idea and what type of fencing is most suitable.

Contact William and Sally at w.schouten@btinternet.com